Daniel Rich, July 26 2021

What is the battery life for these robots?

There is a different kind of charge levels in the different kinds of robots that you can find on the internet, and some of them have things like a single charge, half charge, quarter charge, and full charge these are a different kind of charge modes that are present in each of the robotic products out there in the market and the only thing is that all of these modes have the different battery and operating time and another good thing is that the total amount of battery will depend on the size of the robot that you are taking for cleaning, and also it will depend on the amount of time and also the different things that you use it for.

The batter life of the small staubsauger-roboter is about 180 minutes that will be around 3 hours if you do the single charge technique, and this is a good technique if you are using them for a quick job somewhere and you want the job to be over in some time only. If you charge them till half battery, then there is a huge possibility that the total amount of time for which the robot will work will come to somewhere around 4 – 5 hours if you have charged them till half battery and if you charge these robots to full then there is a huge possibility that it might work till 6 – 7 hours easily, and this is the best thing about them that they don’t need an electric outlet to keep on working as they work on battery and they have a smart system where you can decide the charge level from the app, and when it reaches that level, it will stop charging and then send a message to the owner on the application that they have been charged and they are ready to work.

Another good thing about them is that the newer robot comes with a charging pod or resting pod, whichever you want to call it, and they are programmed to automatically return to the location where the charging re the resting pod has been installed so that after working for several hours and completing the work they will automatically go back to the charging or the resting pod and then after they have shut down they will connect themselves to the pod and then they will get automatically charged, and you don’t have to stress that much on charging it again and again.

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