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Use Webp to JPG Converting Service Online

Webp image is a web image format developed by Google that allows you to get a small image size without losing quality. In this post we will dive deeper into the question "What is the WebP format?" and tell you more on this topic. Let's compare WebP with other formats first. There are many types of images that are commonly used on the internet. The three most common options are PNG, JPEG (or JPG), and GIF. While these formats are popular, they each have their own pros and cons: Jpeg is good when it comes to detail and color, making it a perfect choice for photographs. At the same time, files are often very large and do not always compress well. Png is ideal for logos or screenshots. 

They are great at preserving quality when compressed, but they do not work well for photographs. GIF is great for animation, but a poor choice for static images. WebP images is an image format from Google designed for placing images on the Internet in quality. The file size is smaller than other formats, but the quality is not degraded. According to Google, WebP images: 25-34% smaller than comparable JPEG images, 26% smaller compared to PNG. Your website can be made faster and easier by simply changing the format of the images, even without additional compression and loss of quality. Click to convert jpg to webp using a handy online converter.

WebP vs JPEG. JPEG is a great format for images with a lot of colors. It weighs little and has acceptable quality, which is why it has gained so much popularity among users. The main disadvantage of JPEG is a noticeable loss in quality and detail due to insufficiently thought out compression algorithms. This is especially noticeable when zooming in or when the image is initially not very high resolution.

With WebP, the image quality is practically not lost. If you take a look at the Google Gallery, you will realize that it is almost impossible to distinguish their format from high-quality JPEGs. This can only be seen by the size of the files. Disadvantages of WebP. WebP can be accessed in Google Chrome, or even in Safari. But there are sites and applications that are still not familiar with Webp images. Whether you need to convert jpg to webp or webp to jpg, you should try this amazing webp converter. Click on the link to get started. www.anywebp.com/

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