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Top Language Learning Resources

If you're a language learner, there are numerous resources to assist you. From online courses to books, you can easily find what you need.

As a language teacher, there are plenty of resources that can motivate and engage your students. These range from online learning materials to games, videos and other educational tools.


Linguatics is one of the world's most popular language learning resources, offering learners an immersive experience. Through native speaker voice recognition software and other content to help you learn a new language, Linguatics provides lessons, stories and other learning materials.

This method provides you with a relaxed, intuitive approach to teaching you your target language. Additionally, it provides an array of out-of-lesson resources to maximize the efficiency and success of your language learning.

For instance, the Linguatics is an excellent way to practice pronunciation of common words and phrases. It provides correct pronunciation for each word, plus exercises that let you practice saying it out loud.

Linguatics stands out with its live interactions with native speakers. The organization streams regular sessions for students to engage with teachers and native speakers alike.

These live interactions are designed to break students out of their innate tendency to avoid making errors when speaking their native language, helping them improve their command of the language at a faster rate.


FluentU is an innovative language learning resource that utilizes real-world videos to teach various languages. It's the ideal way to become fully immersed in your target language and gain a greater appreciation of its culture.

Both websites and applications are user-friendly, with search capabilities by category or level to quickly locate what you need. Plus, there's a feature that hides subtitles so you can focus solely on listening to audio without interruptions.

FluentU provides video tutorials as well as flashcards and an in-built dictionary to help you look up words or phrases you may not be familiar with. This feature has become increasingly commonplace in language-learning resources recently, providing a great way to supplement your study.

FluentU offers a host of other useful features in addition to these. For instance, it allows you to set daily goals for yourself and monitor your progress using streaks - an effective tool for staying motivated.

However, while this feature is great, it won't help you become fluent. To achieve fluency, you need to surround yourself with language resources (books, news, podcasts), communicate with native speakers, and take language courses.


Quizlet is a flashcard-based study resource that utilizes games and tests to enhance learning. Since its inception in 2007, Quizlet has grown into an incredibly popular language-learning resource.

Flashcards and study guide creation have never been simpler with this web and mobile app. Teachers can customize their lessons with quizzes and flashcards, while students get a convenient way to review studies while on the go.

On the site, there are free study resources created by Verified Creators from curriculum publishers or educational institutions. Generally of high quality, these will include terms and definitions pertinent to the course being studied.

Another outstanding feature is Quizlet Live, an engaging classroom game that helps students review information. It randomly sorts students into teams and assigns them a set of terms and definitions to match up with. It provides endless fun!

This is an excellent opportunity for students to master their terms and definitions while working together in teams and revising for upcoming exams. The team that correctly answers all questions wins!


Memrise is a language learning resource that uses quiz and flashcard-style exercises with mnemonic techniques and spaced repetition to instill new words into your brain. Additionally, it offers various review activities to help you maintain your language skills.

Memrise offers courses for 22 official languages, but users have the freedom to create their own courses in any other language they desire. This versatility makes Memrise stand out and appeals to anyone seeking an alternative approach to traditional academic formats when learning a language.

Memrise stands out with its adaptive technology that tailors lessons to your level as you progress. This ensures you retain what you've learned long-term, so you can speak the language with assurance.

Memrise keeps track of your progress and flags the words that need more practice to master. These words will then be automatically placed in a "difficult words" section so you can practice them repeatedly until they have been learned.

The app also has audio-only review sessions with tapping tests (choose the correct word out of four options) and typing tests, where you have to spell out words heard. Furthermore, multiple choice questions for pronunciation are provided by a range of native speakers so you can choose your answer quickly and accurately.


myLINGO is a smartphone app that enables non-English speakers to listen in sync with movie soundtracks in their native tongue, bringing the cinema experience to millions around the world. Created by two first-generation American brothers whose parents are Polish immigrants, myLINGO has garnered support from angel investors, including United Talent Agency CEO Jeremy Zimmer.

The application works by recognizing the distinct audio signature of movie dialogue and music, then using that data to create an accurate synchronized audio track. This audio file can then be played back through personal headphones in perfect sync with the film.

Users can select from a range of languages, such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese. The app is available on both iPhones and Android devices.

MyLINGO not only allows non-English speakers to enjoy movies in their mother tongue, but the app has other features as well. For instance, its "Selective Listening" capability enables users to select certain parts of a film to hear in their preferred language.

The app also supports various audio options, including dubs created by Hollywood studios for international versions of movies. These tracks are made available through licensing agreements with these production companies.


ProZ website boasts an impressive number of users and provides access to an expansive library of articles on linguistics. It also offers language learners a range of multimedia tools for download, playback and sharing - making it an invaluable resource for those wanting to improve their language proficiency and stay ahead of the competition in classes. Plus, ProZ boasts excellent community forums where users can discuss news developments within the linguistic community; plus, there's access to free-to-use language learning tools such as podcasts, videos and online courses! The best part? All these resources are free-to-use!

ProZ offers an array of excellent language learning tools and resources that should not be missed. This includes free software to learn a new language in an enjoyable and interactive manner, as well as the ProZ App, which lets you access thousands of lessons while on the go.


IFTTT (pronounced "if this, then that") is a web-based service that allows you to link apps and gadgets together. It provides an easy way for automation, such as sending yourself an email when someone follows you on Twitter or setting Alexa to play a specific song when you arrive home.

IFTTT also provides the Webhooks feature, enabling you to integrate any service with IFTTT. Although it may be complex at first glance, once you understand its workings, it becomes an invaluable asset for developers and techies.

With IFTTT, you create an applet - a series of commands linking two or more apps together. You can find pre-made applets in IFTTT's expansive library or create your own from scratch.

The service is free to use and offers a paid subscription for business users. The Pro plan costs $3.99 per month and provides more advanced capabilities like conditional logic.

IFTTT is an excellent option for businesses seeking to increase productivity and efficiency. Its trigger channels, such as Slack, Facebook and Twitter, enable automated workflows and tasks. Furthermore, IFTTT serves to connect your team members and guarantee everyone is on the same page.


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