Daniel Rich, June 23 2021


The initial step always feels the hardest but once taken, it will be the first investment that we can make to our goals. There are many inspirational and motivational stories but we treat them like any others story and hardly a few get inputs from it that last longer. The external motivation drives us to be inspired now and then but it comes with a short life. We run behind stories and quotes to keep us pursuing our dreams but without the awareness that externally aided help can only help us for some time.

Inspiration vs. Motivation

Inspiration is almost equivalent to internal motivation. We get highly inspired by famous personalities and our role models and they help us to get started with the necessary steps. The motivation that is externally aided can only help us to lift our spirits to connect ourselves with the inspiration with which we even thought of pursuing it. New Year often comes with new resolutions that are often considered to be achieved by the end of the year but sadly we put time limits to the new budding dreams and that too within a few days. For example, hitting the gym and achieving a balanced life is one among the many dreams of all of us. We prepare ourselves mentally and physically and join the gym. To make it last longer, we even buy a one-year subscription to the gym. The first two days go fine and we feel happy about ourselves. On the third day, the motivation ends. We give excuses to ourselves that taking a break is all that we need at the moment and this process consumes us like anything and we leave our goal midway.

Keep going: You are likely to reach!

Results do not come easily. If we are ready to add the needed ingredients like patience, the reason to keep going can help us stay ahead when compared to others. Failures keep pulling us back and we succumb to them. Inspiration can come in handy during this time because it can lift our mood and refill our minds with the needed spirits. Loneliness, anxiousness about the results, and daydreaming are some of the elements we face while moving forward with our actions to reach the desired goal. Hardly a few realize that you are already halfway there. There will not be many people to stand by our side in times of distress but the right motivation that has kept you going through the difficult times is all that you need. Getting inspired takes a good amount of time because to relate to the struggles that one has faced to reach a position needs a proper understanding of sone. So, the secret recipe is to get inspired, keep a track of your actions and you are just one step closer to your goal!

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Daniel Rich

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