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The Popular Exams Under the Eleven Plus Exam

The Eleven Plus Exam came into existence in 1944 when the three-part system of the schooling in the United Kingdom was arranged. The exam evolved as a way to determine that in which secondary school out of three – grammar, technical or modern – a child should pursue his education. At present, GL and CEM are the two main exams conducted by the Eleven Plus Exam.

About GL Exam

GL stands for Granada Learning and it administers the most Eleven Plus Exams. It was earlier known as the National Foundation for Education Research (NEFR). It got the name Granada Learning in 2007. GL Paper comprises of English, Maths, Verbal reasoning and non- verbal reasoning as main subjects. The schools are given the choice to select any combination of these subjects.

The format of GL Exam changes with region but most GL exams provides questions in standard format and multiple-choice questions (MCQs). The time alloted for each test is 45 minutes. The test includes subjects individually.

The exam is hard to crack and exam papers can be of great help to the students. 11 Plus Exam Papers consists of 5 full length GL Exams. The exam papers are similar to real exams because they are updated timely as per the feedback.

About CEM Exam

CEM stands for centre for Evaluation & Monitoring. The is conducted by the University of Durham. CEM is conducted in about 70 countries across the globe. CEM is a non – profit organization aiming to provide assessment for children of all ages. CEM came into existence because many felt that the GL exam was too obvious and transparent in nature. The CEM exam comprises of numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and non – verbal reasoning as main subjects. The exam consists of two papers each with time slot of usually 45 minutes.

The exam does not follow any fixed criteria and may change yearly and so it is advised to find out about the format in advance. CEM exams are split into various sections such as a maths section, reasoning etc. Time management skills are very essential to complete the exam.

Students head to various exam papers in order to excel the CEM Exams. 11 plus exam papers offer the students 5 full length CEM exams which are similar to real exam papers. Each exam comprises of two individual tests which tests the candidate’s knowledge in each subject like long Maths, short maths, verbal reasoning with English and non – verbal reasoning.

Exam Papers are updated every now and then in order to make it similar to the real exam. At the end of each exam, a detailed feedback & answers are given with questions and percentage of people who solved the question. The exam papers are valid till 180 days from purchase. There is one attempt per test and time for each test is 45 minutes. There are total 10 number of tests and 5 packs.

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