Daniel Rich, May 11 2023

The Galapagos Cormorant II Cruise Tour

The Galapagos Islands are among the world's greatest natural marvels, and taking a cruise tour is one of the best ways to experience them. There are plenty of options available; finding one tailored to you may seem daunting at first, but with careful research and planning, you can ensure that your voyage will be memorable and worthwhile.

The Galapagos Cormorant II is the largest luxury catamaran in the Galapagos, boasting nine contemporary suites designed for up to sixteen guests. Each spacious suite is elegantly decorated, boasting floor-to-ceiling windows and private balconies to take in views of archipelago life. Upgrade to Premium Suites for extra comfort and luxury - these come complete with their own oversized balconies and jacuzzi!

Cormorant II offers the ideal environment to unwind after a day spent exploring the islands. Boasting lounge, bar, dining room, sundeck, and Jacuzzi amenities - the ship will certainly become a favorite among its passengers!

This cruise offers an amazing variety of activities, such as snorkeling and hiking. Additionally, you will experience incredible landscapes and unique wildlife!

Your choice of itineraries ranges from an introduction to Galapagos over four days to a 15-day mega cruise where you will fully explore these magnificent islands from end to end. On board is an attentive crew ensuring an enjoyable and unforgettable voyage experience.

Cabins feature amenities such as hot water, air conditioning, and panoramic windows for optimal views. In addition, each cabin comes equipped with its own bathroom as well as TV and DVD players for entertainment purposes.

Based on your itinerary, you'll visit some of the most iconic islands in the archipelago and be able to snorkel or hike among sea lions and marine iguanas - not forgetting their magnificent wildlife!

On the western islands, you'll have an unforgettable opportunity to swim alongside playful sea lions and witness a colony of albatross fly overhead, while on the eastern islands, there is a vibrant ecosystem full of marine iguanas, green sea turtles, and flamingos!

Golden Galapagos has set a new standard in luxury travel in the Galapagos Islands. Their fleet of cutting-edge luxury catamarans will leave you feeling revitalized and inspired, boasting spacious staterooms, suites, and social areas that showcase this otherworldly landscape.

Cormorant II cruise itineraries offer an exciting combination of adventure, history, culture, and nature - visiting multiple islands while taking in all their highlights. All tours include excursions such as swimming and snorkeling excursions as well as professional English-speaking guides who are there to provide assistance throughout your stay.

The Cormorant II offers the ideal setting for enjoying a luxurious and restful vacation at one of the world's most breathtaking destinations while providing couples and families alike an opportunity to explore the Galapagos in style.


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Daniel Rich

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