Daniel Rich, December 26 2022

How to Use the Spotify Monthly Listeners Start to Your Advantage

If you are an artist on Spotify, you have probably seen the monthly listener's stat displayed prominently on your artist page. It can be a good way to check whether your music is reaching a wide enough audience. You can also use this information to analyze your progress. Using this metric can help you understand how your music performs over time, as well as track overall engagement after a new release.

Monthly listeners on Spotify are calculated based on the number of days within a continuous 28-day period. This means that if a person plays your music on two different days, they are only counted once. In other words, the number of monthly listeners for your artist is not a reliable indicator of how well your music is performing.

The reason for this is that monthly listeners are a result of a number of factors. Most importantly, it is based on the number of people who are discovering your artist or rediscovering your songs after the previous listening. Another important factor is that you must regularly release new music to maintain a steady stream of monthly listeners. You must also promote your songs and get your fans to follow you. The more you are known, the more likely you are to increase your monthly listeners.

Regardless of how many monthly listeners you have, you should always focus on making excellent music. You should make sure that you consistently provide your fans with new songs and keep your bio and pictures fresh. You should also collaborate with other artists to get your music scene. You can find other artists who are in your genre on Spotify. You can also contact music blogs to find potential listeners.

While the monthly listener count on Spotify may be a vanity metric, it can be helpful. This number is used to normalize the number of listeners that are listening to your music on a regular basis. If you're an artist, you can track your monthly listeners to see if you're improving. If you're already a well-known artist, you might want to check your number to see if it's growing. If not, you might want to reconsider your music marketing tactics.

In order to boost your monthly listeners, you need to update your profile. You should add new playlists, update your bio, and curate your own artist playlist. If you have an artist page, you can check your monthly listeners on a daily basis. If you don't, it's best to schedule an appointment with your Spotify account manager to discuss how to improve your numbers.

If you are a new artist, you should be aware that monthly listeners aren't an exact science. You can only accurately predict how well your music will do if you have a consistent release schedule. The more you work to increase your monthly listeners, the more likely you will be to reach your goals. You'll need to be willing to invest a little time to make sure your monthly listeners remain steady and high. Check https://streampot.com/spotify-monthly-listeners.


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