Daniel Rich, February 3 2023

How to Chat on Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams provides a way to communicate with people using instant messages, voice, and video. Users can send and receive messages, schedule meetings, and add contacts. They can also add documents to the file tab of the app. If you want to chat on Microsoft Teams, use https://clerk.chat/teams/

The team chat feature in Teams allows users to create channels. Each channel can be customized for a specific topic. For example, if you need to communicate with your team about a certain project, you can create a channel for that topic. Messages will appear in the channel as posts. 

Team channels are similar to a virtual water cooler and are a great place to discuss and share information. You can create a new channel or update an existing one. Every channel has an email address, so it is easy to contact team members. Some teams have found success in splitting core work-related channels from non-core work-related channels.

In addition to the group chats, Teams includes individual chats. This can be a great tool for individuals to have a quick check-in with a team member or for someone to give a reminder to a teammate. Individuals can also create channels for carpooling, team morale events, and other topics. There is no limit to the number of channels in Teams.

When you create a channel, you can choose the type of people you want to message. If you choose a direct chat, you can message everyone on the channel. Alternatively, you can set up a private conversation for yourself and others in the group. Using this feature is simple and straightforward.

Channels are a great place to discuss and upload files. Users can drag and drop files into the conversation and add links to other places. These documents can be saved in the OneDrive or SharePoint folders. However, you can also save them directly in your user profile. Once they are saved, they will be available through your user picture in the top right corner.

Chats can get out of hand if you're not careful. If you have multiple conversations going on at once, it can be easy to miss important messages. That's why Microsoft Teams offers options for managing and archiving your conversations. Besides pinning, hiding, and muting your conversations, you can also turn on or off channel notifications to let you know when it's important to hear from others.

The ability to send files or attachments is another great feature. Whether you are a team member, an individual, or a vendor, you can easily share documents or links. And you can even create custom stickers to make your communications more fun. Plus, you can search for other people in the same group or from specific tags.


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